Pictures from Select December 1999

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(Idols / Kevin Cummins) (Pennie Smith) (Idols / Kevin Cummins)
(Mitch Ikeda) (Tom Sheehan) (Idols / Pete Cronin)
(Tom Sheehan) (Rankin) (Idols / Neil Cooper)
(Mitch Ikeda)

"As I coninue walking the sun bursts out again, making the bank of cloud smoulder green-black luminous over the sea. Perched between the road and the sea, between sun and cloud, some boys are playing football in a prairie blaze of light. The pitch glows the colour of rust. The ball is kicked high and all the potential of these young lives is concentrated on it. As the ball hangs there, moon-white against the wall of cloud, everything in the world seems briefly up for grabs and I am siezed by two contradictory feelings: there is so much beauty in the world it is incredible that we are ever miserable for a moment; there is so much shit in the world that it is incredible we are ever happy for a moment."

Anglo-English Attitudes - Geoff Dyer