Drinks: vodka and orange, constantly.
Tattoo: left arm, with the missive 'Uselesss Generation' on it.
Onstage: pogos, smashes up intruments "for excitement, for a laugh".
Still bears the scars from when he sliced 4 REAL onto his arm with a razor to prove his "point" to a jounalist: "One time this bloke was giving me hassle about that and I just went, 'Listen mate, I gave myself 18 stitches on my arm, so imagin what I could do to your face. . .' And he just went really white and ran off. I never would do anything horrible, but the thoughts are there. . ."
Swore on 'The Word' and was branded "very unprofessional". Can't "handle" a girlfriend: "Not while I'm in a band because you get a chance to have sex every night. It's crap, but I'm as weak as anyone else. . ." If he wasn't in the Manics he'd "probably be a librarian in a Cornish Public Library drinking Guiness. That or dead."