Richey has many thoughts on the world of fashion so he decides to write down his theories, his "coneptional analysis" - the best of his scribblings are on these pages.

Three days ago Manic Street Preachers returned from a month-long tour of America and Japan. America was "just TV". Japan was "shopping".

"Been shopping in Tokyo," lilts Richey smoothing his beautifully sheened fake fur jacket, "specially for Smash Hits heh heh. These are never-before-seen new clothes for the pictures. Nice, aren't they?"

We're in the West End of London. Jack the Ripper country, this. The first prison in Europe was built here, some time in the 8th century - in Clink Street. Hence the name. Posturing prettily in the cobbled decay are pop's gentile sons of glamour: James and Richey. They despise "the drab". They are glitz-bomb dollies, rock 'n' roll dandies who have no truck with the fashions of the day. Their fans Know The Score: "most of our clothes are presents from our fans."

They love their flounces and their blouses and Richey has his own Manics Fashion Theory:

"We've all been beaten up because of the way we dress, so maybe we like being victimised. We've always felt like victims so we look like victims, I suppose."