assorted pics 199301994

Assorted Pictures 1993-1994

Live at the Astoria 1993

18.7.93 : Richey onstage at the Pheonix Festival

Band Photo from GATS era

James and Richey on stage

Nicky on stage 1993

James smelling a rose from LTD single

Nick onstage from LTD single

Richey from LTD single

Assorted pics from LTD single

James playing from back of Roses In The Hospital 7"

Nick on stage from back of Roses... 12"

Group photo from FDTW single


James, Richey and Nicky painted gold

James with flowers

Nicky with japanese scarf

Richey in street

Sean with shades

Nicky onstage in dress 1993

Promo photo from THB era

'If you possess virtue you are it's victim' - James and Nicky 1994

James in sailor suit and Richey bare-chested, posing 1994

Richey on stage, late 1994

April 1994: Nicky onstage in Bangkok

April 1994: Nicky in the dressing room

17.9.4: James takes time off from rehearsals in Wales

1994: Nicky rocks Bangkok

December 1994: Touring Europe with Suede

December 1994: James gets the blues in Ghent.

Richey in 1994

Richey on stage, 1994

Thanks to Carla for the picture

Richey at the Astoria 21.12.1994

James at the Astoria 21.12.1994

A Plague has stricken the Moth
The Moths are dying,
Their bodies are flakes of Bronze on the carpets lying
Enemies of the delicate Everywhere have
breathed a pestilent mist into the air

Tennessee Williams