The Holy Bible

IN HIS OWN WRITE - Pass Notes on the third Manic Street Preachers album by lyric writer and guitarist Richey James.

"Yes" - Prostitution of The Self. The majority of your time is spent doing something you hate to get something you don't need. Everyone has a price to buy themselves out of freedom. "Say Yes to Everything"

"4st7lb" - Vanity/innocence/anorexia - True or False.

Finding your own self worth and admiring yourself for it, whatever that involves. Kate (Moss), Kristin (McMenamy), Emma (Balfour), Karen (Sky Agony Aunt).

"Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart" - America is still trying to convince itself it is positive, enlightened and absolute. Zapruder the first to sow doubts behind the reality/death of JFK. Bradey Bill typical - glorify gun culture until The Massacre gradually moves from the inner cities to the suburbs. The consequence arrives. Still believe Democrats are an alternative.

"Of Walking Abortion" - "There is little hope..." East European truths - Horthy + Tisu (anti-Semitic/Fascist) - revived and brought back home. Facts ignored. Carve your mortal certainty there. Should we have been born/still born/walking sideways unable to make a decision of any consequence. Modern life makes thought an embarrassment. Your true reflection = Junkies, winos, whores. Who's responsible?

"Archives Of Pain" - Bentham's 'Panopticon' - visibility is a trap.

Foucault - Savagery is necessary.

Is revenge justified? Nothing in common with Manson or Dahmer cult and its current fashionability. There is no glory in innocent death. Death/Murder/Redemption part of the human condition.

"She Is Suffering" - 'She' is desire. In other Bibles and Holy Books no truth is possible until you empty yourself of desire. All commitment otherwise is fake/lies/economic convenience.

"Salvation is purity"

"Revol/Lover" - All adolescent leaders of men FAILED. All love FAILS. If men of the calibre of Lenin and Trotsky failed, then how can anyone expect anything to change. Won't get fooled again.

"This Is Yesterday" - Why do anything when you can forget everything. Memory more comforting than future. "doing nothing = happy".

"PCP" - Links PC + PCP + New Moral Certainty. Language aimed at the working class. Condemns the very people it aims to save. Self-censorship wrong. "Liviticus" used by homophobes to justify their hatred. To take one sentence from the bible to justify views very PC. Also PCP the Revolutionary Portuguese Communist.

"Die In The Summertime" - Condition of old age - youth always remembered fondly. OAP wants to die with favourite memory month in mind. Adult memories tawdry, of little value.

"Faster" - Strength through weakness. All morality sown in the soil of the ruling caste. Self-abuse is anti-social, aggression still natural. Society speeding up - finds worth is failure.

"The Intense Humming Of Evil"/"Mausoleum" - Brother/sister songs. Visited Dachau and Hiroshima. What reflections should be for everyone. Otherwise we're all Edward Scissorhands Avon Lady. Winners dictate history. Holocaust one of the few examples where even truth is being questioned. Revisionist historians. Danger of Schindler's List - Portrayal of merely flawed man. Never question our own past - myth of Churchill. "An individual death means little - millions must mean something?"

Taken from The Holy Bible tourbook