British police are investigating a possible sighting of Richey Edwards, the Manic Street Preachers guitarist who disappeared in February 1995. The case was never closed, depsite overwhelming evidence that suggested Richey was a suicide whose body has not been recovered. The sighting is alleged to have taken place in Corralejo, a small town on the island of Fuerteventura (in the Canary Islands). The South Wales Echo newspaper claims that Tracey Jones, a British-born woman working in a Corralejo pub called The Underground Bar reported in the sighting. She said that she and an unnamed patron spotted a thin man in the tavern. "One of the customers shouted 'You're Richey from the Manic Street Preachers!' The man just started to run towards the door and within seconds he was gone." Richey's family strongly believe he is still alive, and just chose to escape the life he was living. All the royalties payable to Edwards from the Manics' albums are being held in a trust fund should he resurface some day. Has he been discovered? DAMN will watch this story and report any developments.

The Telegraph

ISSUE 1267
Friday 13 November 1998

Missing Manics guitarist 'seen on holiday isle' By Jessica Callan, Entertainment Reporter

THE guitarist from the Manic Street Preachers who disappeared three and a half years ago has apparently been seen alive and well in the Canary Islands.
Several customers in a bar in Fuerteventura said they recognised Richey Edwards drinking at the Underground Pub. The songwriter for the Welsh pop band was last seen in London in February 1995. Police found his abandoned Vauxhall Cavalier car two weeks later near the Severn Bridge in South Wales and thought he had committed suicide but his body was never found. His passport, credit cards and Prozac tablets were found in his flat in Cardiff.

According to Tracey Jones, a British barmaid who works in the Underground Pub, the drinker was "just like Richey". She told Tenerife's Island Sun newspaper: "One of the customers suddenly shouted, 'You're Richey from the Manic Street Preachers'. He just started to run towards the door and within seconds he had gone. We were sure it was just like Richey."

This latest sighting is one of several reported incidents of Edwards being spotted in different countries. In March last year, a college lecturer claimed that he had seen the missing Welsh musician at a market in the Indian beach resort of Goa. Viv Morris said: "He was with some hippies getting on a bus and his name was Rick." A spokesman for the band said, "It seems very strange that all these sightings are in bars at night in high-profile holiday resorts.

"As far as we know, Interpol were involved when he first went missing and I don't think there was an application for another passport so I don't know how Richey could have left the country, if he is still around, if he doesn't have his passport. We just pass these sightings on to the police and let them get on with it but this is all very upsetting for his parents."

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said they welcomed any new information about Edwards, who would now be 30. "Our inquiry is active and ongoing," she said.

The remaining band members have always refused to accept Edwards is dead and have ensured that a quarter share of the millions the group have earned since his disappearance has been left in a trust fund.

NME website

Police are following up a new lead into the disappearance of missing MANIC STREET PREACHERS guitarist RICHEY EDWARDS, according to a report in The South Wales Echo.

Tracey Jones, a British-born barmaid on the remote island of Fuerteventura - described as a 'Robinson Crusoe' island - in the Canary Islands, was working in the Underground Bar in the town of Corralejo. She and another customer spotted a thin man in the pub. "One of the customers shouted 'You're Richey from the Manic Street Preachers!' ," she said. "The man just started to run towards the door and within seconds he was gone."

The unnamed customer and the barmaid told the newspaper that they were certain that the man was the missing Manics guitarist. Terri Hall from Hall Or Nothing, the Manics PR company said: "We're aware of the sighting and will be informing the police." Since his disappearance in 1995, there have been numerous sightings, all of which have been hoaxes or cases of mistaken identity. The most notorious sighting in Goa in 1997 was investigated by police but led to another dead end.

Richey is still officially a missing person. Police have never closed the file on Richey and his royalties from Manics albums prior to the current 'This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours' are being held in a trust fund. His mother, Sherry, is quoted as saying that she still believes that he is alive and may get in touch.