Debut TV appearance, Snub TV January 1990

Narrator: Manic Street Preachers have just erupted onto the scene with Motown Junk, released on the innovating Heavenly label. Manic Street Preachers have a mean line in polemic and are determined not to become just another band. Snub pressed them to explain themselves.

Richey: Youth culture has always been controlled by the same people, selling the same goods at inflated prices - just more created products all the time. If you're told what youth culture is, it's not much use. Everybody knows what they want to do and then they're told to do something else and they do it. Youth is the ultimate product. We just wanna mix politics and sex, look brilliant on stage and say brilliant things. We're the most original band of the last 15 years just cos we don't wanna do anything that's been done before. What we aspire to is not what any other band aspires to.

Nicky: We will never write a love song, ever. Full stop.

Richey: Or a ballad, or a tribute…

Nicky: …We'll be dead before we have to do that, anyway.

Richey: We've only done 25 gigs. We're not on any kind of circuit.

Nicky: We don't wanna do any sort of treadmill. We're not a pub rock band, which every other band seems to be in this day and age. We don't aspire to do loads of concerts, I'd rather never have to do 50 in my whole life.

James: It's no good playing all the legendary toilets of Great Britain. I'd rather just go straight to the big venues instead.

Richey: You can only play to a few thousand people live anyway. We don't even want to reach the music papers anyway, we just wanna reach The Sun, The Star and The Mirror. That's what most people read, that's where we wanna be.

James: We'd rather be sensationalised than be just another NME band and get easy critical respect.

Richey: If you wanna end up with gold disks on your wall, it's pretty easy to go that way. We don't care about that, it doesn't matter to us.