Waxing body company with Nicky and Richey Manic

"When I did the NME Student Guide last year, I said that education is really important, and Ted Kessler goes, 'Yawn, that's not very rock 'n' roll.' But I'm not embarrassed by things like that; I think it's important that people read, take the time to learn.  It might not be rock 'n' roll, but it's important."--Richey

"I worked hard...Got to university, spent all my time in the library, never missed a lecture.  All the time in the bar there were people who were, like, 'I ain't made one lecture this term.  I'm so outrageous.'...I think if you miss two or three lectures on the trot you should be f***ing thrown out. Or drowned."--Richey

"I never spent my money on beer like all the union crowd...I've never drank or taken a single drug in my life..."--Nicky

"I've literally never done a day's work in my life, not even a paper round, so I couldn't handle going to work in an office."--Nicky

"I never go to parties."--Nicky

"We're shy people. When we go back home we haven't got this list of friends. It's not like, Waheey, the boys are back! The four of us have always been really close, we never saw the point in meeting anyone else, really." --Richey

"To think that drugs can be a symbol of rebellion in the 1990s is just so naive and old-fashioned. In the 1990s, it's a lot more subversive to go out and read a book."--Nicky

"I did a lot of my reading young. Now I'm just amazed that so many people in bands don't even read a book till they're like 28, and then it's like, 'I've just discovered Ken Kesey!' Or Bono's just discovered Dadaism and Situationism. It's very sad that at 30 or whatever he is, he feels he's suddenly seen the light."--Nicky

"I think there's an awful lot of people who work for record companies and stuff who don't really know music as much as we thought they would. We thought they'd all be fanatics like us, obsessed with music 24 hours a day. But there are people who just clock into work every day, they could be working in a sausage factory. That was disappointing, because where we come from, so many people would die for the opportunity to be involved in music."--Richey

"...I don't like vegetables."--Nicky

"Certain kinds of socialism, where everyone is given a chance. A true egalitarian society where everyone is offered an education."--Nicky, when asked, "What do you think makes sense?"

"Yeah. It'll make us fuckin' happy!"--Nicky, when asked, "Will success change the Manics?