Press Archive CD

This CD was compiled by Trevor and is packed full of hundreds of interviews and can view the index of intervews here, although none of the links will work since there's no way I could upload it all (600M worth). I've uploaded the mp3s from it here, though. I can do copies for people, send me an email if you're interested.

Debut TV appearance Snub TV 1990
"No Fuchsia!" - Live review NME 1 December 1990
Destruction, Sex & Heroin - Stud Brothers interview Melody Maker 1990
Manic On The Streets Of London NME 1991
Indecent Exposure NME 11 May 1991
Material World NME August 24 1991
Spiral Scratch interview with Nicky and Richey Spiral Scratch 1991
Simon Price interview Melody Maker Jan 25 1992
Manics Manifesto   July 1992
Writing on Generation Terrorists Patrick Jones 1992
Scenes from Blackwood interview Rapido TV 1992
Seven Days in the life of Richey James
Preachers Full Of Contradictions Guardian Feb 11 1992
Richey reviews the singles Smash Hits 1992
Welsh Preachers deliver glam/punk sermon   April 1992
Manics 1, Society 0 Smash Hits April 1992
Check This Out! Long article and interview   1992
On the set of the LBN video shoot The Guardian November 13, 1992
Preaching revolution for real The Times December 5, 1992
Richey's favourite books
Richey talks about university life NME 1 Oct 1998
Interview with Richey - Sendai, Japan TV 1993
Richey picks his 10 most influential songs Kerrang
Kerrang interview - on tour in Japan Kerrang 1993
The Metal Debate - Richey joins debate about metal   1993
Oh, you pretty things - by Jon Savage The Times April 3, 1993
"A Working Class Hero is nothing to be" Lime Lizard 1993
Richey explains Gold Against The Soul Melody Maker June 19 1993
Preaching to the converted Sunday Times January 23, 1994
Manics New Testament Melody Maker August 27 1994
Bangkok Sucker Blues - On Tour in Bangkok NME 1994
Hand Jobs And Holy Bibles Kerrang 1994
Richey Manic - The Truth! Kerrang 1994
True Confessions - Nicky Wire NME Sept 1994
Manic Porn! Select Sept 1994
Gorgeous in spite of himself The Times October 7, 1994
Smile, It Might Never Happen Q Oct 1994
Quotes from Nicky and Richey
Guide to The Holy Bible Holy Bible Tourbook 1994
Interview - Volume 11 sleevenotes   1994
Stuart Bailie Interview with Richey NME 1994
Richey's last TV interview Swedish TV 1994
Richey's last interview Music Life Jan 25 1995
James Dean Bradfield on a year of hospital horror... Select Jan 1995
Interview with James   February 4 1995
Sweet Exile - Guardian article about Richey Guardian Feb 1995
A Word to the Wise: Stay Away The Times Mar 3 1995
Life Becoming A Landslide - Kerrang article about Richey Kerrang April 1995
The point of no return? (article about Richey) Sunday Times August 6, 1995
Traumatic For The People: The Vanishing of Richey Manic NME December 1995
The lost soul The Times January 27, 1996
Jon Savage Interviews Nicky   February 1996
Interview NME May 1 1996
Lost and Found The Times 19th May, 1996
The Last Word - James Dean Bradfield
The Last Word - Nicky Wire
Material World: Nicky Wire Vox October 1996
Article about Richey   1996
Manic Street Preachers and the Antichrist - Interview with James   1996
"(Do) You Love Us?" - Interview   1996
Unrepentant - their appeal is becoming less selective Q June 1997
NME Interview Part One NME 1.8.1998
NME Interview Part Two NME 8.8.1998
Did someone order gloom service? The Face September 1998
Everything Must Grow Up Q Magazine October 1998
Transcipt of BBC2 Closeup Documentary TV 1998
Interview with Sean Real Groove magazine
Feature on the manics Select November 1998
Article about Nicky The Sun Monday 2 November 98
"Miles Woodward - the man who could've been Richey" Select Nov 98
"Manic Street Preachers - the real truth" Classic Rock Nov 98
Articles about alleged spotting of Richey Various November 1998
Love Will Tear Us Apart Esquire November 1998
End of year (98) interview with Nicky   1998
Discussion about Richey Melody Maker January 31, 1998
The Best Band In The World - Q awards Q 1998
Interview in Swedish magazine OKEJ 1998
Interview from Tour Book   1998
Aricle about Richey's schooldays Melody Maker 1998
Interview at Australian Big Day Out   23 Jan 1999
Interview with Rachel Edwards about Richey The Sun Feb 1999
Interview with Nicky in America   September 1999
"What happened to demanding the impossible?" Select Dec 99


Stuff about early singles and Horse and Groom gig 1989 - Record Collector May 1997
Suicide is Painless single (NME, 3 Oct 1992)
Great reviews of 'The Bends' and 'The Holy Bible'
Review of The Holy Bible - Melody Maker, 27 Aug 1994
Review: The Holy Bible - NME, 27 Aug 1994
Review of The Hold Bible - Kerrang
Culture, Alienation, Bordeaux and Despair - live review 1994
Live: Glasgow Barrowlands - NME, 15 October 1994
Review of Astoria gig - Dec 19 1994
London Charing Cross Astoria gig - NME, 14 Jan 1995
Review of Richey's last gig - NME Jan 14 1995
Mo Bettabuy's Blues - NME review of EMG, 18 May 1996
Everything Must Go review (by Glenn McDonald) 1996
Live, Wolverhampton Civic Hall - NME, May 1996
Live, London Shepherd's Bush Empire - NME, 4 Jan 1997
Review of 'This is my truth...' from Q, Oct 1998
This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours review by Johnny Walker
Review of 'This is my truth...' from Select, Oct 1998


Books about the Manics

Manic Street Preachers - In their own words

Other stuff

"Aubade" by Philip Larkin
"Money" by Philip Larkin (quoted on GT)
Every Manics Spray-painted T-shirt slogan(!)...
Words Used in MSP Songs
Howl by Allen Ginsberg
Situationism - A Primer
Guy Debord and the Situationists
"The Offers" by Ted Hughes
Lyrics to "Still" by Joy Division
"Torying" by Patrick Jones
Article about Aneurin Bevan
The Life And Death Of Kevin Carter
Rumblefish and the Manics

Feel so hypnotized, can't describe the scene
Feel so mesmerized all that's inside me
The sunshine bores the daylights out of me
Chasing shadows moonlight mystery
Headed for the overload,
Splattered on the dirty road,
Kick me like you've kicked before,
I can't even feel the pain no more

Rolling Stones - Rocks off