Generation Terrorists - the album that says it all - all the despair, hate, loss, confusion, alienation, disgust, passion, as well as the burning latent love, the saddened beauty, the loneliness, the acute remembrances of somewhere truths; it is part mirror, part cure for our present condition - every word lashes minds into questions and electric awareness of what, why, how, if and the ultimate is but - in the famed words of 'Bartleby', the Herman Melville resistor ... "I prefer not to" - and in this denial there bursts a vast pulsing affirmation of existence and meaning - Generation Terrorists casts questions over every aspect of our conditioned days - work, money, banks, schools, religion, the music press, media, mankind itself - things we accept blindly as natural and good - MSP are the knife to the suit - the firebomb to end all Wall Streets - it is to music what Marx was to politics, what Einstein was to science, what Ginsberg and Kerouac were to literature and Pollock to painting - it, they, us tear down and begin to rebuild with a better vision.


Sadly though, Generation is just as much an attack on our own generation of 14-26 yr olds as it is to the older generation of adulterated people - you know, the escort banking official civil service know not think not hairsprayed beer shoe gazers only concerned with their own security and wage packet - rebellion to these is a fight up the pub, dyed hair or not doing homework - this is where MSP's ideology differs, breaks away - it is not apathetic acceptance, not wallowing in self styled indie shit, not dancing on drugs - no rebellion to them and their true fans is life - it is questions, art, poetry, protest, politics, guitars strung low, real lyrics for real dysfunction, it is action, it is thought - of course, they realize they are Sissphyus endlessly pushing the rock up the mountain only to see it topple back on to him - they are born to end - but before they go they are going to drag a few fat bastards down with them - they are shooting stars but they shine forever - this determination and this passion and despair burns out of every song on the album and more for the coherent movement where things can change - where we can all work together, black, white, young, old, writers, poets, artists, musicians, thinkers, politicians to be one mass of individuals with one common aim - the destruction of criticism immolation of the present white disease and corporate cancer that is killing us before we can challenge - we are conditioned to an oblivious mass, into a catatonic dead life of false desires and created needs...we are force taught to hate, be greedy, cheat and to follow some false dream - the candle needed the flame and U2 didn't give a shit - and MSP lit the dying wick of all our secret revolutions - the white man's disease is alive and kicking all over which is why MSP are so badly needed in this gross generational genocide - "we realized and won't be mourned, we're gonna burn your deathmask uniforms" they make us feel like nothing when we could be everything so push this and your poems into banks' night deposit boxes, in libraries, at Slowdive concerts, leave it in schools, but most of all, please write to each other - let us not feel so alone - the response has been beautiful - we are all working together - we are the dislocated but in our severance there bleeds the mind of molotov cocktails and we are the future, we are petrol poets with nothing to lose - stay beautiful.

patrick jones