Manics videos available from 'Spectators Of Suicide'

13 hours of footage covering the Manics' history from 1990 to 1999 is available on 5 videos. These are:

"A Visual History" - 1 hour video, including "Strip It Down" video, all early TV appearances, songs from Marquee Band Explosion 1991
"Acoustic, Live & Rare" - 3 hour video, pretty self explanatory
"The Dragon Bites Back" - 3 hour video, including (near) full Astoria 1992 concert, excellent quality TV broadcast and loads more
"Reclamation" - 3 hours, includes live songs and interview from Japan 1993, plus loads of TV footage (interviews, live, etc.) from 1996
"Revelation" - 3 hours, loads of TV footage circa "This Is My Truth"

All videos come with a colour sleeve and list of contents.
The great thing about these videos is that all footage is taken from TV, so is excellent quality (no wobbly hand-held camera bootlegs!). For full information about these videos, sent two first class stamps to:
Spectators Of Suicide
15 Finnley's Lane
West Cowick
Near Goole
East Yorkshire
DN14 9ED
For details about "Revelation" only, just send an SAE. If you're outside the UK, two International Reply Coupons should be okay to cover postage for either the full list of the "Revelation" details.

Everything Live

The only official Manics video available, Everything live captures the Manchester Nynex Arena gig from 1997. The track-listing is similar to the 9X bootleg, but there are a few ommissions ('Yes' and 'Stay Beautiful' being the main two). It includes behind-the-scenes footage and you can even hear Sean speak a few words! You can buy it on the net from .


These videos are only available from RAMusic and are not connected with this website.

Videos are 15 each unless otherwise stated.

email for ordering information.

1 Oxford Venue 7/2/91 + Madrid 24/10/92 (TV) + Newport Centre 10/7/93 Leicester 17/10/94 18
2 London Hibs Club 13/8/91 + Brighton 14/3/92 + Birmingham 11/2/92 + Hultsfred 11/8/9418
*3Reading University 17/3/92 + London Astoria 17/5/92 (TV) + TV Compilation 92-9518
4Frankfurt, Germany 7/4/92 (TV) + Nottingham Rock City 5/7/93 + Foreign TV Compilation18
*5Clapham Grand 2/3/94 + Glastonbury 24/6/94 + Reading 27/8/94 + Reading 29/8/9218
6Leicester Uni 25/1/94 + London Astoria 19/12/94 + London Astoria 18/12/9418
7Wembley Arena 29/12/95 + London Forum 28/5/96 + London Forum 29/5/96 18
*8Brixton Academy 14/12/96 + Phoenix Festival 7/96 + Montreal Club Soda 23/8/96 + Cardiff Arena 12/12/9618
*9Reading Festival 23/8/97 + London Albert Hall 12/4/97 + Brixton Academy 17/5/97 (James)18
10Promo Collection + TV Compilation 1996-9818
*11Port Talbot Afan Lido 18/9/98 + Wembley Arena 16/12/9815

* = recommended.

Videos from glitter

The following videos are only available from glitter and are not connected in any way with this website.

Video 1

The first is a 3 hour compilation containg:

Excellent interviews
Live performances (Reading, Glastonbury, Rock Madrid '92 etc.)
Performances on Top Of The Pops (including Faster, You Love Us and more)
Other TV shows like The Beat, Rapido, Gimme 5 (!), Raw Power
Infamous "repeat" incident on The Word
Bits and pieces from MTV (news items etc.)
Acoustic performances: She Is Suffering, 4st7lb, La Tristesse, Motorcycle Emptiness, etc.)
The Manics' first ever TV appearance on Snub TV
Live performance at the Marquee Band Explosion in '91 with interview
plus LOADS more


12 pounds Irish money (if you live in Britain 89p Sterling = 1 Irish money)

Postage is 1 pound.

Video 2

The second about 2 hours long. It contains all the promo vids - from Strip It Down to You Stole The Sun.

(the only one not on is She Is Suffering, and that's shit anyway.)


10 Irish pounds plus 1 pound postage.

Video 3

The third video is about 2.5 hours long and contains the Manics day stuff that was on MTV recently. This includes:

Interviews with James and Nicky about Generation Terrorists and Everything Must Go
Star Trax, where they choose their favourite vids and talk about them
A long interview with Eddy Scumbag Temple Morris,
Bits and pieces of interviews from throughout the day
Any bits and pieces I can find Ill stick on the end too (interviews on irish tv etc.)


9 pounds plus 1 pound postage.

Video 4

The last video is about 1.5 to 2 hours long. It contains the two Manics documentaries to date:

The Vanishing of Richey Manic
The BBC Close Up documentary about their career (with brilliant interviews and archive clips)
The former is a tiny bit fuzzy, just 'cos the reception on the TV wasn't great that night, but is perfectly watchable.


8.50 for the two documentaries, plus the usual 1 pound postage.

Ordering Info

Make cheques etc. payable to: "Eadaoin O' Sullivan"


Eadaoin O' Sullivan
Old Leighlin
Co. Carlow

If you're interested, mail me!
love and sparkles,