T in the Park 1999
1. Faster
2. You Stole The Sun From My Heart
3. Tsunami
4. La Tristesse Durera
5. Kevin Carter
6. Yes
7. Everything Must Go
8. No Surface All Feeling
9. Motorcycle Emptiness
10. Prologue To History
11. Ready For Drowning
12. Motown Junk
13. My Little Empire
14. Australia
15. You Love Us
16. If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
17. A Design For Love
Live at T in The Park, July 1999

An extremely good quality (digital) recording of a truly fantastical performance. Nicky goes into full motormouth mode between songs, destroying everyone from Billy Bragg, the Beta Band, to the bloke in the audience who looks at his watch after the first song. James screams his lungs out at every opportunity, his voice joining the Kurt Cobain gravel 'n' fags school of singing in many places. Not recommended for younger children.