Manic Street Preachers Live 89 and Rarities
New Art Riot
Soul Contamination
Dead Yankee Drawl
Anti Love
Strip it Down
Destroy The Dancefloor
Sorrow 16
Faceless Sense of Void
Suicide Alley
Live, Horse & Groom, London August 1989
Whiskey Psychosis
England Is A Bitch
4 track demo circa 1986/87
Where Have All The Good Things Gone
Dying A Thousand Deaths
Love In A Make-Up Bag
4 track demo circa 1985/86
R P McMurphy demo circa 1989/88 - full band version
Penny Royal Tea
Reading Festival August 1994
Motorcycle Emptiness The Grand, London 2.3.94 with Bernard Butler
Patrick Bateman
REM tribute
Kilburn 11.12.92
Sorrow 16 Riot Reading After Dark 10.8.91
Repeat After Me
New Art Riot
Feminine is Beautiful Xmas 1989
UK Channel Boredom Flexi April 1990


The Horse and Groom gig is nice and clear; you can even hear James mumble "thanks - that's the most applause we've ever had" to the 10-odd people who are in the audience. The early set is stormed through at such a pace you can almost hear those tight white jeans. The live versions of MASH and Motorcycle Emptiness aren't of great quality, but as the CD case says, "the historical importance of these recordings over-rides the sound quality of some of them". The Michael Stipe comment appears on its own track, and there's a version of Sorrow 16 which ends halfway through in a mess of feedback, smashing of equipment and James bawling swear words at the crowd.