Lipstick Traces
Motorcycle Emptiness
Just Can't Be Happy
This Girl's Got Nothing
Sun-Glass Aesthetic
Suicide Alley
Behave Yourself Baby
Razorblade Beat
Eating Myself From Inside
Early Demos
Little Baby Nothing Acoustic - Radio 1, 17 March 1992
Methadone Pretty
Faceless Sense Of Void
You Love Us
Generation Terrorists
Soul Contamination
Democracy Coma
Demos Winter 1990
Destroy The Dancefloor
Live - Horse And Groom, August 1989


Discover the reason behind those early Clash comparisons and the full extent of James' very high early singing voice! If you're very lucky you might be able to pick out some of the lyrics, including that classic gem "I understand and can't accept/that you are having sex/and I know I just can't be happy without you". Early versions of some of the Generation Terrorists songs are included; Stay Beautiful was called "Generation Terrorists" back then and was completely uncensored. There's also a gorgeous rendition of "Little Baby Nothing" by James, from the Steve Wright Show on Radio 1.