Limited Face Paint
1. Australia
2. From Despair To Where
3. Faster
4. Kevin Carter
5. La Tristesse Durera
6. Elvis Impersonator
7. Suicide Is Painless
8. Removables
9. The Girl Who Wanted To Be God
10. Motown Junk
11. Motorcycle Emptiness
12. No Surface All Feeling
13. Small Black FLowers That Grow In The Sky
14. Can't Take My Eyes Off You / Raindrops
15. Repeat
16. Enola / Alone
17. Everything Must Go
18. Stay Beautiful
19. A Design For Life
Live at Glasgow SECC, 5/4/97

An excellent quality recording of a very good concert (complete with surprise airing of 'Repeat'!).

Thanks to Simon for the lending me the CD!