Live at Cambridge Junction, 20.10.92
Slash 'n' Burn
Natwest Barclays Midland Lloyds
Born To End, Motorcycle Emptiness
You Love Us
What's My Name?
Suicide Is Painless
Strip It Down
Love's Sweet Exile
Little Baby Nothing
Stay Beautiful
Motown Junk


"Being here tonight makes me truly understand how it feels to be a Serial Killer!" Shouts Nicky between songs as the Manics storm through their Generation Terrorists set. Other Highlights include James' brief rendition of the introduction to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" before unleashing the comment, "Yeah, it's nice, it's good, but it's grunge and it says NOTHING. Grow up and take a bath you wankers!". It's an audience recording but it's of good, clear quality.