Destroyed By Madness, Richey's Last gig
She Is Suffering
From Despair To Where
La Tristesse Durera
If White America...
Motorcycle Emptiness
Sorrow 16
Life Becoming A Landslide
Of Walking Abortion
Roses In The Hospital
Bright Eyes
Last Christmas
What's my Name?
Motown Junk
You Love Us
Live at London Astoria , 21.12.94


The historical interest of all historical interests, this is the full set of the last gig Richey ever played with the Manics. Particularly telling is the last half of 'You Love Us' during which James and Sean are left playing on their own as Richey and Nicky destroy everything in sight. Soon, James cuts off abruptly and all you can hear for several minutes is the carnage of smashing drumkit and the rumbling of feedback from twisted guitar remains. "I never liked that guitar anyway" says James, near to the end. It's a good, clear audience quality recording.