Claire's Tapes

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Tape prices: 3.00 ukp per 90 min tape (all come with a colour cover)


Leeds 96 London 9575 mins
If You Want Blood75 mins (Glastonbury 94 and Astoria 92)
Tortured Genius70 mins (First MSP London gig, very early demos, live stuff)
Turning Rebellion into Money60 mins (demos and rarities)
Lipstick Traces55 mins (early demos)
Thirteen...50 mins (Amsterdam 11.6.96)
Street Preaching60 mins (Misc live appearances)


Nicky and Richey interview for Spiral Scratch magazine, 199135 mins
James with Jo Whiley on the Evening Session, 16/10/9620 mins
Across the Line with JDB Irish Radio, 199610 mins
Nicky on the Evening Session May, 199630 mins
Nicky with Jo Whiley day after the Brits15 mins
Nicky with Jo Whiley Phoenix 9610 mins
Brat Awards 94 James interview5 mins
Newsbeat after Brits1 min
Nicky after winning an Ivor Novello1 min
We Love Us on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show15 mins
James` message to Jo Whiley1 min
Nicky after Blackpool gig, April 973 mins
Brats 97 acceptances and interview10 mins
Brits 97 acceptances and interview15 mins
James on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show (interview and 2 live tracks)15mins
Nicky on the Made In Wales documentary10 mins
Richey at Feile Festival10 mins
James Evevning Session about Richeys hospitalisation10 mins
Richey about the Anti-Nazi league2 mins
Nicky "smash or trash"20 mins
James "smash or trash"20 mins
Richey on the Clapham Grand gig2 mins
Nicky Interview before LBN acoustic5 mins
Nicky and James on Radio 1, 199310 mins
Nicky and Richey on Capital fm, 19945 mins
Radio 1 Newsbeat about Sound City2 mins
Richey talking about The Holy Bible on the Evening Session5 mins
Richey interview Dutch radio (him talking about anorexia etc), 11.9410 mins
Nicky on Dutch radio10 mins
Nicky and Patrick interview20 mins
James interview from American radio (Seattle)20 mins
Nicky and Richey interview Uni Radio, 199115 mins
Morayfirth Radio Nicky Richey and James15 mins
James on USA radio, 199615 mins
Richey and Nicky on the evening session1 min
James naked on the radio acoustic SIS and Raindrops10 mins
Richey interview Swansea, 199110 mins
Richey and Nicky Radio 5 In The Mix15 mins
Fugi Japanese radio JDB, Sean, Nicky, Richey, 199210 mins
Nicky and Sean Japanese Radio, 199210 mins
Nicky and Patrick Jones Radio Wales, 199620 mins
BRMB Radio James acoustic EMG and Raindrops10 mins
Nicky after the Marquee, 4.9.915 mins
Nicky on Radio 1 after hearing of nomination for Mercury Music prize2 mins
Nicky on Radio 1 hit parade, 31.12.963 mins
Nicky and James Radio 1 Mercury Music Prize 96 and SBFTGITS6 mins
James before Knebworth, 11.8.963 mins
Nicky talking about Twin Town1 min
Nicky with Jo Whiley day after the Ivor Novello awards3 mins
Viv Morris talking about him seeing Richey in Goa5 mins
James interview Spanish Radio, 28 Nov 9420 mins
James interview Spanish Radio, 6 May 9620 mins
Nicky at Feile and La Tristesse Durera5 mins
Nicky after Anti-Nazi League gig4 mins
Nicky and Richey after Astoria, 20 Feb 924 mins
James at Phoenix 921 min
Radio 1 Madia Vale Nicky interview + songs15 mins
Nicky talking about SIS4 mins
Sleeping with the NME5 mins
Radio 1 Newsbeat, 1 year on after Richey`s disappearance8 mins
Big Breakfast Snap, Cackle, Pop4 mins
MSP Radio 1, 26/8/9815 mins
Design For Life MSP Radio 1 Documentary pts 1&21hr
TOTP news, 6.9.982 mins
Radio 1 Cardiff Coopers Field Nicky and Sean, 13.9.9815 mins
Carfdiff Coopers Field B4 gig2 mins
Newsbeat SYMM4 mins


Astoria gig, 21/12/9470 mins
Feile, 19961 hr
MSP first London Gig, 198930 mins
Manchester Nynex, May 24th 9790 mins
James singing Little Baby Nothing acoustically, 19924 mins
Marquee Band Explosion, 1991
(Nicky and James at their very best in crowd slagging off!)
20 mins
James naked on the radio; She Is Suffering live10 mins
Shepards Bush Empire gig, 199660 mins
Motown Junk and Methadone Pretty radio Session, 4/2/9110 mins
You Love Us (Radio Edit)4 mins
She Is Suffering: Dutch radio5 mins
Milton Keynes, 199345 mins
Raindrops live The Forum, 28/5/964 mins
Design For Life live at Sheffield City Hall, 14/10/964 mins
EMG Live and Wire-less, August 19964 mins
Radio 1 Roadshow 91 (although tape says "repeat session")15 mins
You Love Us on totp4 mins
Phoenix, 199330 mins
Kawasaki, 199230 mins
Copenhagen, 21.11.9430 mins
Paris, 20.9.9440 mins
Phoenix festival, 199640 mins
Nancy (France), 26.9.9430 mins
Clapham Grand gig with Bernard Butler, 3/9445 mins
Cambridge Junction, 20.20.92
(Nicky and James in top slagging off the crowd mode!)
45 mins
Leicester Uni, 11.10.9460 mins
Glasgow SECC, 5.4.9785 mins
Liverpool Royal Court, 19.10.9670 mins
Hull Adelphi, 1/2/9130 mins
Aldershot Buzz Club, 16/2/9135 mins
Warwick Uni, 12/3/9145 mins
Radio Session: SNB/Roses/FDTW/ME, 17.9.9312 mins
Radio Session: Yes/SIS/Penny Royal Tea, 199415 mins
Newport (includes two new songs), August 199780 mins
Last Christmas acoustic TFI Friday, Christmas 96
Radio 1 Cardiff Coopers Field: 4 songs20 mins
Cardiff, 199945 mins
Newcastle Riverside, 11/3/9130 mins


Patrick Bateman
Whats My Name
Slash and Burn (live)
Tennese (I Get Low)
Comfort Comes
Too Cold Here
A Vision Of Dead Desire
We Her Majesty`s Prisioners
Suicide Is Painless
U K Channel Boredom
New Art Riot
Strip It Down
Last Exit On Yesterday
Teenage 20/20
Its So Easy
Spectators Of Suicide (Heavenly Version)
Democracy Coma
Us Against You
Wrote For Luck
Sculpture Of A Man
Are Mothers Saints
Charles Windsor
Mr Carbohydrate
Dead Passive
Dead Trees And Traffic Islands
Horses Under Starlight
First Republic
Take The Skinheads Bowling
Can`t Take My Eyes Off You
Velocity Girl
No One Knows What Its Like To Be Me
Hanging On
Black Garden
Raindrops (from the HELP album)
You Love Us (Heavenly Version)
Bright Eyes
Dead Yankee Drawl
Bored Out Of My Mind
Aint Going Down
Never Want Again
Loves Torn Us Under
Charles Windsor original by McCarthy


Waiting For Today To HappenNicky and the Lightening Seeds
LopezNicky, James and 808 State


Roses In The HospitalOG Psychological mix
Roses In The HospitalO G Psychomental mix
Roses In The Hospital51 Funk Salute mix
Roses In The HospitalFilet-O-Gang mix
Roses In The HospitalECG mix
DFLStealth Sonic Orchestra version
DFL" " " instrumental version
FasterVocal mix (Chemical brothers)
EMGThe Chemical Brothers Remix
EMGStealth Sonic Orchestra remix
EMG" " " soundtrack
Kevin CarterBursts Loose
Kevin CarterStealth Sonic Orchestra remix
Kevin CarterStealth Sonic Orchestra soundtrack
AustraliaLionrock remix
Motorcycle EmptinessStealth Sonic Orchestra remix
Motorcycle EmptinessStealth Sonic Orchestra soundtrack