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Lipstick Traces Very Early demos
Tortured Genius Live 1989 plus early demos and rarities
Naked Instinct Collection of rarities
Street Preaching Misc. Live appearances, 1991-1992
Turning Rebellion Into Money Early demos and B-sides
Live at Cambridge Junction, 20.10.1992  
If You Want Blood Live, London 1992 and Glastonbury 1994
4 Real Live 1993 and Radio Sessions
Where Are You Goin' Now!? Live 1993 + 1992
Unplugged Collection of Acoustic performances
Reading 1994 Live at Reading Festival, 1994
The Hague 21.8.94 Hague gig from 1994 European tour
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide Live at London Astoria, 20.12.1994
Destroyed By Madness - Richey's last gig Live at London Astoria, 21.12.1994
Live - Leeds 96 London 95  
And Then There Were 3 Remixes, B-sides and rarities
The Phoenix Festival 1996 Live at Phoenix Festival
Black Roses Live at Phoenix Festival + "Later" performances
Thirteen Live, Amsterdam 1996
The Return of.... Live, Amsterdam 1996
London Forum 1996 Live, London Forum 29.5.96
Dublin 1996 Live in Dublin, 12.7.96
Shepherd's Bush 1996 Live, London Shepherd's Bush 18.12.96
9X Live 97 Live at Manchester Nynex Arena, 1997
Soundbites Collection of Live performances, 1996-97
Limited Face Paint Live at Glasgow SECC, 4/5/97
Preaching Live, Amsterdam 1998 + "Later" appearance 1998
Slane Castle 1998 Live, Slane Castle Ireland, 29.8.96
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland, 1998 Live in Amsterdam 1998
Rockefeller, Oslo, 9/10/98 Live in oslo 1998
Live 98 Live in unknown European location, 1998
Cardiff Arena, Dec 1998 Live at Cardiff Arena, December 98
Wembley Arena 16.12.98 Live at Wembley Arena, 16.12.98
Glasgow 21.12.98 Live, Glasgow 21.12.98
2 European gigs from 1999 Provinssirock, Finland, 19.6.99 and Stockholm Cirkus, 2.3.99
Belfast 1999 Live in Belfast, 22.6.99
Glastonbury 1999 Glastonbury 1999 set
T in the Park 1999 Full T in the Park set from Summer 1999
V99 Chelmsford Live at V99 21.8.1999
New York 13.9.99 Live at Bowery Ballroom in New York, 13.9.99

B-side Compilations:
I've made up 3 CDs which include B-sides from Suicide Alley - The Everlasting.
B-sides Compilation 1 Suicide Alley - Motorcycle Emptiness
B-sides Compilation 2 Suicide Is Painless - She Is Suffering
B-sides Compilation 3 A Design For Life - The Everlasting

Interview 91 With Richey and Nicky 1991
The Interview With James 1995
The Rockview Interviews - Manic Street Preachers 1. Richey and Nicky 1991
2. Nicky and James 1997

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We are nothing, no-one. In search of kicks they can never give us. A three hundred and sixty degree circle dome of emptiness surrounds us. We are doomed forever to be addicted to a fatal germ of hatred for ourselves. Our redemption can be nothing but torment and pain. A thin clingly film of uncomfortable sweat covers us. The film covers our ears, our eyes, our mouths, our noses. We cannot move, think, feel. Utterly trapped in the gridlock of theories and concepts, there is no escape. You are a fraud, I am a fraud, you are a failure. I am a failure. You are condemned. I am condemned. Conditioned, controlled and condemned. Your life is just a single grain of sand in a vast desert. Live or die, it doesn't matter. The icy winds that blow carry nothing but hopelessness, worthlessness, pointlessness, misery. The more you just exist, just survive, just are, the more your soul erodes, the more you become an empty shell, a walking corpse. In short, the more you live, the less intelligent you become. Hate your life, love your death. Accept everything. Be used.

Boredom is bliss - Anthony Melder